Monday, May 7, 2012

new look

Alhamdullilah setelah menyepi dgn blog,skrg dodot muncul dgn imej baru weeee :)) 
and dodot nk tunjuk jela gmbr2 for the previous order. have a look then :))

this is my suke spek pink tu.and this one for only RM6

i've upgraded my sy dah start wat bookmarks n hargenye depends pade design n starts from RM2.50 satu

Domokun for only RM5.00

keychains. only cost u RM4.50 each

random :)

minions of despicable me.made for RFAN.and the price is RM4 each

ID card holder.thnx to kak Jaja for the tutorial.RM 12 each

Bookmarks again but this is smaller. price depends on design n it starts from RM2 each

tshirt keychain that made for young mummy n babah. RM6 each

princess in da house.RM6 each


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