Wednesday, May 9, 2012

promo price for ID Card Holder

Assalamualaikum.i just want to make a quick update.grab ID card holder for only RM8 each.promotion will ends on 31st May.after promo ends, price will be as usual, dont wait your order now :))


and of course, u can request on what design u want. still,it will cost only RM8 regardless of any design u request as long as promo is still on. 1st June onwards, price will start as low as RM12 depends on the design that u ask.

till then.
thank u :))


Anonymous said...

macamana nak order ni...

crafty dodot said...

boleh pm sy dkat page
atau boleh isi dekat order form kat ats.state design ape yg awk nk :)

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